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Battle Gear 2 Battle Gear 2

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Great n awesome!!

This game is one of my favorites:


1. World Domination mode that player can control to attack various parts of the world.

2. New graphic and music that make the feel difference.

3. Impressive gameplay and upgrade system.


1. Nothing.

2. Nothing.

3. Nothing.

Best War Game on Newgrounds!!

Curse Village Curse Village

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Once again, a great game from the designer and artist, but it would be better if you have more zombies, like dog, wolf, and anything, the zombie movement should be more lot better, not the same, but it's a great game, good job!

Voidgale : Arena Voidgale : Arena

Rated 5 / 5 stars


A great game for your fist game release. Don't worry with bad comment. Keep it up.

Foreign Creature Foreign Creature

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Great but not the awesome

This game would be awesome, something not good:

Level 1:

1. The perpective in this level doesn't match fit.
2. The green fluid can flaked head, but the neck isn't flaked too.
3. Stupid professor, why he didn't hear the water from a washbowl?

Level 2:

1. Why the creature romp with every object whereas he can kill through the cop?

Level 3:

1. The cat didn't move when the window break down.
2. Why should use baseball to make the dog angry?

Level 4:

1. The woman shouldn't gained electrical shock with only half cup of water.
2. The foreign creature moves onto bird with released from cat, but why he moves onto man without release from bird??

Level 5:

1. Too long movie.
2. Not many useful cut scanes.

Level 6:

1. Why the creature should kill and provoke a man in the garden, since they are not menace the creature?
2. Why the snake only hit a woman, without hit a man?

Level 7:

1. Why a man drop a handphone without any click on him?
2. Why a man drop a bag not when I click him through?

Level 8:

1. Too long movie.
2. Not many useful cut scanes.

Level 9:

1. Why a man didn't see many flying object around him?
2. Is that the window too sharp to kill a man?

But overall, this game is great, congratulations 10/10

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belugerin responds:

Thanks for some great comment, dude.

Music Catch 2 Music Catch 2

Rated 5 / 5 stars


You should put this song to NG audio portal, it will be definitely great scores and reviews. Excellence music there.

Battle Gear Battle Gear

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Great but not the best, coz..

1. Make the different things between you and enemy, unit, abbilities, power ups, etc.
2. You should add more classes for this game, more classes more fun.
3. Air Battle is too hard, since there's no base, you should not only spawn air craft, but also can created space base, with new turrets and guards there.
4. The environment of battlefield should be darker, to give war feeling, dark.
5. Beach Battle for opposite of Side Beach, with base on your side, so you must defense there.
6. Air Force and Navy on the sea aren't better than other battles, too few units there.
7. Strike and Super Soldiers too powerfull, enemy should be have too.
8. All Artillery Battle sometimes lags, remove any particle effects for faster the performances.
9. Increase ammount of powered skills and upgrades, with root system, if you aren't open the top of root, you wouldn't open next branchs, so you must open all upgrades to gain maximum powers.
10. The Ending of game is not surpriseded me, maybe you should add overall statistic, highscores or somethings new.
11. Medals and Awards informations not appear when you reached it.
12. The story would be better, but please create simple and great story.
13. New music on Air and Naval Battle, it's should be better.
14. Also new graphic too.
15. and many mode too, time mode, simulation mode, custom mode, PvP mode (mouse vs keyboard), story mode, etc.

Overall Great but not the best, 9/10, It's pick up to my favorites, the sequels please.. Good Job!

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Timing Timing

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Good, but..

It's too hard, please make easier..

4/5 8/10

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Khronos Khronos

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Good but not Great

Control lags caused by many particle effect and big characters, if you make the movie and the character size smaller, it will be more smooth and minimize the lags.

Unusual game control, the player should be change the game control and it's combos to personalize the game control it self.

Misteryously Achievements and Awards make the player don't know what and how to get it? at lease you should show the informations about that, so the player know what they should do to reach it.

Last but not least, add the story mode please, not only survival and single mode. It will make the player play it again to clear all level and know the ending of the game.

Overall, good but not great, 6/10, 3/5